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This course is for students who are assigned LINKS on their schedule. The written assignments will be in support of your work with your mentee or assigned class. Mrs. Wynkoop will manage Moodle and the assignments, but Mrs. Koehn will direct your daily activities.

Library Science is a class that allows students to gain real-world experience by assisting in the daily operations of the library media center and to become information literate, learning to identify, choose and access the best information resource to solve information questions.

TOK course, as well as information assignments and due dates for EE and CAS.

TOK course as well as due dates and support material for Extended Essay and CAS.

The online European Literature and Composition course will cover the texts, concepts and skills covered in the face-to-face European Lit and Comp. Expectations include:

  • Timely submission of material
  • Weekly interaction (with teacher and classmates)
  • Independent time management
  • Proactive approach to problem solving (ask questions, ask for assistance, participate!)

Online English course offering covering a survey of European Literature as well as Common Core standards in Literacy. Included are grammar, research and technology as well as literary studies.

IB Psychology I

Year 1